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Sep 1, 2019 Education

In this post, I want to list 10 methods for drums that according to my experience as a drummer and as a teacher absolutely cannot be ignored, for completeness, clarity, usefulness and not least for the importance of the treated topics. These are books that I spent many hours and kindly imposed on my students over the years.

I don’t mean by any means that they are the best, or rather they are the best in my opinion or even better are the best drum methods that I have had the pleasure of discovering.

When setting up a study plan you have to take care of different aspects, which must be taken before or after depending on the level of the drummer and the type you want to prefer.

From the following list, we understand how my approach is more oriented towards rock / funk but I have always tried to embrace as many genres as possible, in terms of taste, time and needs.


George Lawrence Stone

If we talk about drum methods, George Lawrence Stone’s Stick Control is THE method. Anyone who plays the drums should know it. Anyone who has been to drum lessons will surely have heard of it. As far as I am concerned, I certainly consider it on the podium of the methods to be studied, because regardless of the genre you are going to play, the development of the fingers, the wrist and the arm muscles is fundamental.


Joe Morello

” Master Studies ” is a collection of material to be used for the development of the bacterial technique written by one of the most influential masters of the instrument of history: Joe Morello, drummer of the legendary Dave Brubeck Quartet. This method focuses on the development of accents, the control of single, double and pressed strokes and the general strengthening of the weak limb. It is a method that does not require an advanced technique and due to its characteristics is suitable for the development of any musical genre.


Gary Chester

This is a method I’ve studied since I was 13, not knowing who it was or how it was the cover. My teacher at that time already brought me the photocopied pages for me and I studied there for hours. Only a few years later, leafing through it in a shop, I discovered that those photocopies were made by Gary Chester’s method.

It will be the sentimental value, it will be that Gary Chester was one of the most requested drummers in the 60s and 70s, it will be that people like Dave Weckl and Kenny Aronoff have repeatedly said that they spent hours studying over these pages, but I recommend and use The New Breed again today. I study it, I recommend it to students and I always talk about it very well. It focuses on the technical preparation of the drummer who goes to the studio, then coordination, concentration, reading, independence and attention to the click.

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