Do you want to stop playing? 5 tips so as not to do it Part 2

Sep 6, 2019 Education

Do you want to stop playing? 5 tips so as not to do it Part 2


The sharing is becoming the new drug of the twentieth century. Obviously if done with a purpose it is not always bad. I share my ideas very often on this site and it makes me feel good.

So another way to look for stimuli is to register while playing, even with the phone and share on social media what you think is the best result achieved. You will be able to receive advice, opinions, it will help you to restart that process without which everything stops. Enthusiasm .

Someone will follow your progress

Make your goals and the efforts you are about to make public. Make a video where you say you want to learn Moeller Technique for example and want to do it in two months, then share it on some social media for musicians, blogs, forums or with your friends.

You will be surprised by the enthusiasm you can receive and at that point, you will not be able to pull back, you will have made a sort of promise, you will have created expectations and above all, you will have a new stimulus, a goal. In the end, you will put a video with what you have learned.

You can’t know what this can unleash, the greatest online teachers and American drum influencers, they started just like that, you can’t know if there will be those who will ask you how you did it, to explain it to them or they will ask you for new challenges. What does it come from? Accept the challenge.

For example, it was very useful for me to open a battery blog, to write about drums, to bring back the pleasure of informing me, to buy a magazine, to watch the videos on Youtube and to do 400 km for a drum-clinic. No matter how good you are, the best drummers are better than me and you are filled with the world, some like to see that a person who could be like him, who is doing it and is doing it.

The criticisms will come!

Attention!!! There will be criticism, even fierce. By now the haters are everywhere and criticize for the sake of it. Often they are people without the knowledge of the facts on the subject or with a rather low level of preparation (almost always without even being aware of it) and they are keyboard lions.

Strong only in their sad room. People who do not appreciate those who try to get involved and those who try to create a positive circle.

It accepts criticism and advice but ignores those who only know how to insult and thinks that the world is only white or black.


You will tell me: “But how, did I just say that I don’t want to play anymore and you tell me to look for a band?”.

Just the usual faces

Exactly, do it. But it changes the genre , especially people change, don’t stay in the usual circle of those 7-8 musicians with whom you have 5 different bands, but in the end, you are always among you.

Getting to know new people is a great stimulus as you will want to prove who you are and how you play and will not take you for granted. You will have to earn their trust on stage and their musical esteem. Believe me, it’s pure fuel for your desire to play!


So all this talk to tell you that for someone a new stimulus is to look for a teacher to inspire him, one of who has musical esteem and with whom to study for a while, probably needs to discover new musical genres, still feel a student and get back in the game.

For others, it is broadening the circle of knowledge. For others, it is putting itself on the line giving himself goals that he has made public and from which he can no longer hold back.

Try it, your technique, your mood and the relationship with other musicians will benefit. Everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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