Do you want to stop playing? 5 tips so as not to do it

Sep 22, 2019 Education

Do you want to stop playing? 5 tips so as not to do it

The day always comes when, although you still like the drums, you have those unhappy exits with friends, like “maybe I sell everything, I don’t really want to play anymore” .

You don’t study, you’re listless, you just don’t want to.

And weeks go by when you rehearse with your band reluctantly, just because you already have this commitment and don’t know how to say no.

The phase will come in which you will blame the instrumentation: “If only I had that dish I would play more”, “If I had that pedal, then yes I would put it there”.

Bales. Crap. You will buy it and use it twice, and then start yawning again.

Don’t become an object collector

So, stop complaining, stop buying random things and focus on getting the urge back on.

How to do? Here are some tips:


Seeing a professional drummer live, maybe just what you’ve always admired can give you new stimuli. Forget the phrases like “I’ll never become like him, even if I studied for 20 years”, which makes no sense. You don’t have to become like him, nobody asks you and it wouldn’t even be the right thing to do.

We all have a drummer that we would like to see

Direct contact with these drummers, maybe even the exchange of a few words, the “steal” some exercise, some rudiments, will give you new life.


Workshops are even better than clinics. If you can spend a day following a mini-course where, in addition to watching the drummer, you also have the chance to play close to him and get direct feedback, don’t miss it.

Why not feedback from a professional?

Again don’t bring out your proverbial pessimism with thoughts like: ” I’m ashamed, I sound like shit, you will have a great laugh”. You are there to improve and get advice from a professional does not happen every day. Finally, stop thinking about it and rest assured that it will surely have more important things to do than tease you.


Enrolling in a course is a good thing for those who are losing the desire and the constancy in the study. Having an appointment with a teacher will “force” you to study and put your hands on the exercises. No one wants to go to class unprepared. Apart from the economic outlay often not indifferent, then it is a great fool to always appear unprepared.

This type of mental reasoning, in addition to being able to periodically share thoughts, opinions and ideas will help you rekindle the flame.

Obviously you have to choose a teacher that you value, that you like how it sounds or that moves you to show something.

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