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Oct 1, 2019 Drums for Kids

The book tells the story of little Daniel, a child with a great passion for drums, but…. without a battery. Readers will join Daniel in the search for all those objects, around the house, that can be useful to build their own drumset.

During this story, we pass from the analogies with objects of common use to the onomatopoeias, up to the discovery that sometimes curiosity and passion go beyond the gesture of going and buying an already “ready” battery.

I want to be a drummer! is a light, carefree battery book with ample room for imagination, for all children who show interest in the battery from an early age.

The illustrations of a talented Maria Montag help the child to recognize the various pieces of the battery, to associate the sounds also thanks to the suggestions of the author.

The beauty of this book is that it also reminds grown-ups that the joy of playing an instrument can really reside anywhere, and the enthusiasm that comes with it can be transmitted to children, even without spending money on a battery.

Giving a book, in my opinion, is always a very beautiful thing, often not very original especially if we go fishing without too much curiosity. Instead, this book will trigger the curiosity of all the children and an amused reaction from their parents.

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