Musical bases without drums Part 2

Sep 29, 2019 Education

Musical bases without drums Part 2


In these years I have been busted like crazy to find decent things and I have collected many. I had such a fear that they could put them off-line that so many of them I saved on my hard disks, for me and my students.

Now the internet is full of these songs, you just need to know how to search and find them.

I tried and I found some sites that I point out below. Obviously the list is neither definitive nor complete, but I hope it is exhaustive and can help you enjoy yourself a little.

Having a Youtube channel of ” learn the drums “, I also created a playlist and I collected some, famous and less famous ones, but at least I had the chance to put only those that seem to me of good quality, excluding the versions ” proof of a few seconds and those famous but rebuilt with ugly and fake sounds.

You can find them on our Youtube channel at THIS address.

Obviously every suggestion is welcome and I will update the list periodically.


Let’s begin:

The methodological principle of the Occam Razor (cultural moment), suggests to choose for the solution of a problem the simplest solution among several possible hypotheses, so where to look first?

Obviously on Youtube. There are many channels dedicated to tracks without drums, there are good and less good ones.

I would like to point out a few:

The first is a Youtube channel where there are many songs, not famous but still very funny and useful, on which to practice. For each song, there is Sial in a version with clicks without:

At the next link instead, you will find another Youtube channel where there are many songs. Be careful because the songs, in this case, are not original and the whole ones are few. Most of the songs are in a preview version of 46 seconds, then there’s the classic speech: Do you want it all? You have to buy it.

Given the quality, I would only go to see the whole free versions, the others would let them go:

The Vic Firth has always been at the forefront of resources for drummers. A part of the site dedicated to Drumless tracks could not be missing.

Obviously they have at their disposal a large group of leading artists and in fact, among the proposed songs there are songs by Carmine Appice, Gregg Bissonette, Rod, Tommy Igoe, Steve Smith, and many others.

Being a company that likes to do big in the tracks it offers the track with drums, the track without drums and the score in pdf. All free

Even Jared Falk of Drumeo provides a good number of tracks on which to practice:

If you use Spotify, even in its free version, you can find a well-stocked playlist of songs without drums. If you have never used this service, simply download the app for free on your phone and search for this playlist:

The next site has a lot of paid songs, but there is also a free section. Here she is:

Next is a very large library of drumless songs of famous songs :

Another channel with an infinity of famous songs, old and new, all with the other original instruments:

Obviously, if you go to Youtube and write ” Drumless songs ” you will get a world of songs to choose from. Listen to them and evaluate their quality

I hope this list is useful to you.

Suggestions are always welcome.

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