Musical bases without drums

Aug 25, 2019 Education

Musical bases without drums

Then I thought: “Why not make us a post and try to recommend some site where to find them ?”.

There are days when all we want is to put on headphones, turn up the close our eyes and imagine ourselves playing with our favorite band, in a stage that is finally worthy of the name. While the beginning of our musical journey is very helpful to have a drum track that makes us as guide , then with the passage of time we feel the need to take it off to make sure that everything is more realistic and to avoid having a dual battery which can be annoying if we wanted to make different passages from the original.

Obviously, if the goal is to record a drum cover, which is a famous song in which we play the drums, having bases without drums also called drumless, is mandatory.


There are many types of bases without a battery, with the metronome or without, with the metronome in one channel and the base in another so that it can be managed, or with the base in one channel and the battery in the other.

The worst is undoubtedly that midi with sounds too fake and re-sang by singers who are not the originals. They are bases that for charity will also do their work, but turn off all enthusiasm and realism.

What we all look for are songs where all the other instruments and the voice are the original ones, to which only the battery has been removed.

And we want them for free. Obvious.


There are 3 ways to create bases without a battery starting from a normal song:

  • Remove the instrument from the original mix
  • Recreate very similar versions
  • Work through equalization to remove the “unwanted” instrument frequencies

Obviously it is quite clear what the best solution is, but not always has this possibility and whoever does it must have the original track with separate tracks available.

And it’s not really a joke!


Many songs “Minus-Drums” often have what the Americans call “Count-Off” and that is the metronome only in the initial part of the song, in short, what you need to get the right bpm and not to miss the entrance.

Obviously as mentioned before there are also songs that have the metronome in the whole song and songs totally without a metronome .

It depends on your taste and your level of preparation. It is not as easy as it seems to be in time hearing only the other instruments in the headphones.

The most professional versions have the song in one channel and the metronome in the other. This is very very useful because it will allow you to listen to the metronome in headphones with the advantage of being sure not to lose the timing and at the same time it will also allow you to release the song without a metronome, in case you are playing live or are playing recording a drum cover.

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