Things to know before buying a drums for your child Part 2

Sep 26, 2019 Drums for Kids


So here the subject is thorny but it’s worth facing. Many people consider this alternative a good way to bring the child closer to the instrument without necessarily buying a whole battery. Possible, especially if the approach to music is through a musical band. If the child has entered the village band and plays the snare drum, then having one at home with which to practice and with which to learn to hold wands and rudiments can be a good idea.


First, you need to get one. Thanks to the cabbage you will say. Well not really, because if you do not live in the city it will not be easy to rent it, small provincial shops do not do this service and buying one is a strange choice as it is as easy to spend as a cheap battery (which the snare has. always included).

Why? Because cheap battery snares are very cheap, while individually sold snare drums are pieces that generally have a higher quality. Obviously there is a second-hand market to consider and there are good deals there. In short, starting with the snare drum alone is an alternative, but it must be motivated.


This is the main problem, needless to go around it. The battery makes a lot of noise and it’s not pleasant at all if you’re not the drummer. A child who is learning then … can really be a pain. It is for the family that feels it, but also and above all for the neighbors.

If you have a house of your own, put it in the garage, close some doors and stand, but if the problem is the neighborhood you need to find a solution, there is no alternative. I won’t talk about how to reduce noise since I’ve already talked about it in more than one article and you can read them in the “Know the battery” section. Now I just want you to think about this.

Do not think that if you do not take any precautions, the neighbors will make a right. Often this is not the case and therefore I would try to understand first how to do so that the child is not immediately limited. Put yourself in his shoes, he really wants the battery, finally, he has it… but he can’t play it because otherwise, the gentleman who lives upstairs will denounce you.

It will not be easy to make him understand and he will take it with you. There are many ways to find a compromise and what you need to focus on is keeping the child’s fun. I mean, putting clothes on top of the drums solves the problem of noise, but there’s no sound, there’s no rebounding and so there’s no fun and no desire to go on playing. It’s obvious.

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