Things to know before buying a drums for your child

Aug 21, 2019 Drums for Kids

Either because of the noise, you want the bulk, the commitment, and not least the expense. Making the choice wisely is not easy, especially if you are not a drummer and you are facing this sector for the first time.

The advantages of learning to play an instrument are many and I’ve already talked about it in the other articles, and so in this, I want to give you 5 tips related to 5 things you should consider before taking this step. These are simple questions to understand if it is the right time to buy and how to deal with the following weeks.

Let’s begin.


It may seem like an obvious question. You will be thinking, “Of course it is … otherwise, I would not have considered the purchase.” It is not always so, trust me. Some parents are so enthusiastic that their children follow their path or their passion, that at the first sign they buy all the equipment and mount it in the room. Seeing a child interested in drums is a very common thing. I mean, there are all the elements that a child can like, it’s big, it’s noisy … what more can you ask for? It is obvious that he is curious to understand what it is.

Yes, but how can I tell if he’s really interested?

Let some time pass. Let a few weeks, a few months pass, let them ask for it, don’t anticipate them, don’t serve them on a silver platter. They have to want it, they have to show that they want it.

It is not those months of waiting that will influence their musical growth.

In the meantime, give them the opportunity to build one with what they find at home, or download one of the many apps that are often found on your phone or tablet. Making him use an app is important, as he will be aware of the types of sound, the various pieces that compose it and can start playing even with the small challenges that the apps often make available.

There is a good chance that the interest will slowly move, maybe not forever, but that it turns its attention elsewhere. In this case, postpone the purchase and wait for better moments, also because growing your needs will be different as depending on the age you will need a different battery.

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