What to give a drummer? Part 2

Oct 1, 2019 For Drummers


Mesh hides are skins that are mounted in place of normal skins and guarantee an almost zero volume. Composed of a network of fibers (we have discussed this in more detail on this page ), the mesh skins have the great advantage of keeping the rebound unchanged.

Here I propose a skin for the snare drum. It could be a nice gift to start with this one. If he likes then he could also buy the rest of the set.


Here there is very little to explain, a lectern always serves.

If you don’t already have it, here’s one at a fair price.


If you are a person who loves reading and who knows English, there are a number of really interesting books on drums. If reading should be for leisure and free time then I recommend biographies.

No teaching methods, so (the drummer should choose them), here I suggest a book by one of the most loved/hated drummers of the moment. Definitely great talent and with a lifelike a real rock star.


Some drummers complain about the blisters they get when they play. The solution? The “fingerless” gloves created specifically for playing drums.


Always have some Allen screws, a screwdriver, and the keys to tune the battery can be of great help and undoubtedly useful for every drummer.

All in a single tool to avoid the risk of noticing that something is missing … just when needed.

This accessory is really a must!


Whether or not he is a drummer who loves Latin American music, the cowbell is a very useful accessory, both for the studio and for having new solutions for live shows.

The price is limited and will certainly be a popular tool.


Tune the dishes? Not exactly.

These magnets are applied to the plates and control their vibration depending on where they are applied.

It could be an interesting gift because as I wrote in the article where I reviewed them, all drummers would like to try them!

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