What to give a drummer? Part 3

Aug 22, 2019 For Drummers


Indispensable for transporting dishes, for convenience, for safety and above all for protecting them. To save a little, these soft cases are often chosen but they guarantee good protection.


This accessory is increasing its popularity exponentially in recent years. Composed of a mixture of rubber and plastic, it is placed over the skin and acts by changing the natural sound of the drum.

It is usually used for a vintage, deeper and warmer effect.

He’ll be crazy … trust me!


Are you still hanging around with loose chopsticks? Or is his case old now?

Well then, give her a new one from Vic Firth.


There is no self-respecting drummer who does not have a pad. Easy to use the expression “Must have”, but in this case, it is just like that.

There are many models and sizes, I chose one of 12 inches (30.4 cm in diameter) because smaller ones are often very uncomfortable and when placed on a surface tend to move. The model is the signature one by Benny Greb. Who doesn’t love Benny Greb ??


Collectibles, miniatures of famous batteries. Really nice, to keep on the desk in memory of a never-ending passion.

Remember that the child in each of us sometimes wants his gift!


Having a good snare case is always recommended, as it is often the “prized” piece of the set and especially in the car it tends to slam left and right during travel.

The cases differ in rigidity and padding. This is medium stiffness and with excellent padding. I use them for the whole set and have always enjoyed working with this Italian company (I’m not an endorser).


Do you see him getting angry because when he plays, the cashier “walks” him? This accessory will please him for sure. These casings are easily assembled and solve the problem of stability.


An action cam can be a great idea since filming while playing is a great temptation. Whether you do it while studying or playing with your group, it can be really fun (and very very useful) to meet again.

Obviously the queen of these action cams is the GoPro and it’s useless to hide it from you. The problem is often that they are expensive, out of our budget and we think that everything else is very poor quality stuff.

This is not always the case. If the goal is to start having fun with action-cams, you can also start with a less noble brand without sacrificing quality.

It is not exclusively a thing to give to a drummer but for example, I who also does the film-maker have often used this action-cam and I have obtained very good results.

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