What to give a drummer? Part 4

Sep 20, 2019 For Drummers

BETWEEN 50 AND 100 €


What if you want to customize an environment with the battery theme?

Here is a wall clock!


This pad kit simply sits on top of the drums and allows you to play practically with a zero volume. Very useful for those who live in the condominium but also for those who can’t make noise. They are practical because they are taken away with a moment, nothing else or anything else.

There are also other methods to reduce noise, such as mesh skins, always present in this list. Want to know the difference? We’ve already talked about it here.


The stool or saddle is a fundamental accessory for a drummer. All his weight is there and having it comfortable and resistant is essential.

He is subjected to a good dose of stress and is beginning to loosen soon. This is why it is important to take a new and durable one.

I recommend this that I think has an excellent quality/price ratio.


Tuning a battery?

Yes, one can (and must). Many people use this very useful accessory that detects the tension of the skin and helps us to pull them all homogeneously.

There are those who love it and those who do not want to use it, surely everyone would like to try it.


Vic Firth’s insulating headphones are a classic for studying the battery.

Insulators, cover the whole ear and therefore allow you to listen to the metronome or a base without keeping excessive volumes.


This drum mat is one of the fashions of recent times. An alternative to the classic carpets, this has a color that resembles oriental carpets.

With the underside in non-slip material and a size of 160 x 200 cm, it replaces the classic gray rug.

Well, believe it or not, in the videos on Youtube it is the most popular one.


The metronome is a very useful tool (in my opinion indispensable) for every drummer.

At the center of our thoughts when we study and cross and delight in each of us.

Giving a metronome is not always meant to say “friend, learn to go in time!”, But rather it is a gift that every drummer who wants to grow will appreciate.

There are thousands of types and prices. This is a standard here with many features and programs.


There is not only the classic pad (seen above) for training. He also trains the foot of the case and this is the right accessory.

With this support, you can play the pedal of the case without making noise, simply by hooking the pedal.

Many want it, few buy it, it could be the winning gift.

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