What to give a drummer? Part 5

Sep 27, 2019 For Drummers

OVER € 100


This gift is a Mr. gift, in the sense that they are semi-professional earphones, suitable both for playing in the studio and live (they isolate well from external noise) but also to listen to music every day from the mp3 player or from the phone.

Earphones of this kind are very appreciated even by those who are not drummers.

They are not the top series (then the price goes up a lot), but neither is the supermarket headset.

They are not cheap but as a quality, you can be on the safe side.


Why would a drummer want to do air-drumming?

If you ask me, it’s because you never did it!


Is volume a problem? When you study makes too much noise and the neighbors have complained?

These plates are specifically designed to drastically reduce the volume. They play like normal plates, they don’t need to be connected with any cable (they are not electronic pads) and they give a big hand to the problem of volume while maintaining the feeling of a normal dish.

They are not very cheap but they last a lot and the brand is very famous.

If the volume is a real problem, this can be a very appreciated gift.


Giving a set of drum microphones is an important thing.

There are professional microphones for hundreds of euros each, then there are the very pre-configured sets that are very cheap.

Here I wanted to recommend a set of AKG (a well-known brand) in which the quality of an experienced brand is associated with an entry-level series. It makes a great gift certainly much appreciated but does not spend a fortune.


Give a drummer a gift … isn’t it a contradiction?

Well, having a cheaper set is not always a whim for a drummer. Think about how many times you have to disassemble, load in the car, unload, reassemble to do the tests and then redo the entire die to take the battery away. Having a cheap kit that you can leave in the rehearsal room is a HUGE convenience for anyone.

Often the drummer has his “beloved” drum that he doesn’t like to carry around a lot and would prefer to make it come out only for special occasions.

So I found this kit in Poplar (Poplar) that if set well has a sound much more than decent and certainly great for the rehearsal room.

This set also includes mechanical and hi-hat cymbals, a pedal case, a 16-inch rod and plate, an enabler and a stool.

Excellent also for those who have to start playing and as a first drummer.

The price then is really mini.


Should I give an electronic battery?

Why not. If you have a large budget, if yours has to be a super gift then you can think of an electronic battery. The reason is that having an instrument to play even where you can’t make noise is convenient to many, besides the electronic drum is easily transported, it can be integrated with the acoustics and then… let’s say it clearly, there is no drummer that does not you love to play with these fantastic toys.

Why this model? Because it is complete, it does not cost much when compared to other brands and Alesis is a brand that guarantees reliability and a guarantee of keeping the value in case you want to resell it.


Here we are at absolute luxury, not in terms of price (which is high, but we can get there), but in terms of bacterial pleasure.

I don’t say, how many times do we play live and despite the monitor or in-ear speakers we don’t hear the case well? If you are not a professional, it almost always happens. This accessory is a module that attaches itself to the saddle and converts the low frequencies emitted by the instrument into vibrations to finally give that feeling that otherwise very often fails.

It is not exclusive for the case (which obviously makes most of the low frequencies) but also tom, timpani, and snare drum.

I swear, I’m very tempted …

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