You can’t find the time to play the drums

Aug 22, 2019 Education

We are drummers and the fact that we had to deal with the weather we had taken into account. But we thought about the bpm, the odd times, not the fact that we don’t have time to play.


You have to insist, you will have to be good at finding time as often as possible, don’t make the mistake of saying ” I will cut an hour on the weekend “, which you will not do and then refer to the next one. Thus the months pass.

Wrong to say: “I will do it when I have time”

First of all, the program . Avoid sitting with the pad or the battery in front of you without knowing what to do, you will waste precious time in tendon-splitting rollers without taking any advantage of it. And after 10 minutes you’ll be bored.

The night before, make a program, maybe an exercise you read in a magazine, which you saw on youtube or on social media, a passage of a song, anything but a program, don’t sit down unprepared.

Don’t sit down without knowing what to play


Just write it on a post-it or take a picture of it with your phone, sit down with a clear idea of ​​what you want to do, maybe it’s a quick thing, but start it and finish it. You will have saved and spent your time well, but above all, you will rise from the saddle with the conviction of having done something useful.

No do you know where to start? I’ll help you tomorrow when you sit in front of the pad for your 15 minutes, try this exercise:

I didn’t invent it, it’s an exercise that Anika Nilles shared on Instagram, and long ago while I was planning my training sessions for this week, I saw it, I found it fantastic, I played it and I got it also written an article. Thanks, Anika!


In case you needed some other idea, perhaps to perform at home with the pad in the spare time, I suggest you see the ones I posted on the EXERCISES page.

They are exercises for the pad with different difficulties, depending on your level with which to exercise resistance, the independence of the hands or simply to use for heating.

I expect to add more as I find the time to record them (is it always time the problem you see?), So it often returns to give us a look if you will like them.

Thanks and as always write to me for suggestions, advice or comments.

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